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Top 10 Birds Of Paradise

Top 10 Birds Of Paradise

Top 10 Birds Of Paradise-This is a range of different kinds of birds on the island of canderawasih island of indonesia, here we give you a quote that we have thorough de various areas across the Indonesian island's chest 10 pictures of birds canderawasih that you can view your visit to indonesia and for tourists who want to travel in indonesia

Top 10 Birds Of Paradise

1. Lesser bird of paradise bird of paradise
The Lesser bird of paradise is also common with small yellow Bird. This bird has a long body of about 32 cm, has a color of Red-Brown livery with a yellow Crown and upper back brownish yellow.

The male bird has a green-Emerald-colored throat, is a pair of long-tail and wing feathers are decorated with ornate yellow at the base of the white area in the outer area. The female has a size smaller than the male, having a dark brown coloured head, white breast and no decorated feathers decoration. Penyabaranya covers all areas of the jungle North of the Papua New Guinea, and the islands of Misool and Yapen near.

2. Bird Raggiana bird of paradise

The Raggiana bird of paradise bird of paradise known also by the name of Count Raggi's bird of paradise. This bird is most known for the bird. The Habitat of this bird is distributed in a way broadly in New Guinea, South and Northeast. Length 34 cm long, greyish-brown red, yellow irislah and feet greyish-Brown. The male bird has a yellow Crown, dark emerald-green throat and yellow collar between the throat. Color of feathers from red to Orange depending on subspecies. The female has a size smaller than the male, with Brown and have no feathers decoration.

3. Bird Ribbon-tailed Astrapia

This bird is one of the most spectacular bird. Ribbon-tailed Astrapia's name and have the longest tail feathers in relation to body size, length of grabbing more three times the length of the growing body. The length of the adult bird grabbed 32 cm with a tail of the male bird can grab 1 mtr.. The male has a black and green olives are berwana female Brown. The male has the long tail of the Ribbon are white. There are some areas in the middle of the island of New Guinea.

4. Bird Blue bird of paradise

His name is reminiscent of the name of one of the taxi transport in Indonesia. This bird has a size of about 30 cm, black, irislah brown color dark grey legs. The male wing feathers decorated with purple blue color dominance. Also referred to by the Blue Bird of paradise. Blue Bird of Paradise is endemic to Papua New Guinea. The deployment includes the mountains Southeast of Papua New Guinea.

5. Bird of Paradise Riflebird

When you had a chance to see the movie Planet Earth, then you would see this bird. This bird has a length of about 30 cm by the male is black with iridescent blue-green Crown, black feet, dark brown irislah and yellow mouth. The female is olive-brown type. It is endemic to Eastern Australia, Riflebird also spread the jungle in the rain in New South Wales and Central Queensland. The male can increase its wings as well as flaunt it while moving to the right and to the left before the female to attract them.

6. Bird Red bird of paradise

We named it the red bird of paradise, about 33 cm long, yellow and Brown, and yellow-beaked vultures. Adult males can reach 72cm counted feathers decorated with blood red coloured white at the tip in her stomach. How do you think the news today from i-dus? Feathers are a dark emerald green face and diekornya there are two pieces of rope length of double volute form is black. The female has a size smaller than the male, with dark brown-colored face and have no feathers decoration. It is endemic to Indonesia, the red bird of paradise is found in the lowland forests on Waigeo and Batanta islands off in the Raja Ampat Islands, West Irian Jaya province.

7. Bird of paradise Lawes's Parotia (Parotia Lawesii)

Parotia lawesii has middle size s/d 27 cm). Deployment areas include jungle mountains in Southeast and Eastern Papua New Guinea. The male has a black color with white feet, purple blue nape and iridescent golden green breast feathers. Decorated with ornamental wire three heads from behind each eye and elongated black flank feathers. The female is brown with a dark bird's head, irislah yellow and dark.

8. Bird-King of Saxony bird of paradise (Pteridophora alberti)

King of Saxonyi which is a passerine has small size, with a length of about 22cm. adult males have black plumage and dark yellow,? her head there are two strands of wire bristles scaly blue glossy ceiling like a long banner grabbing 40 cm and can be enforced at the time of luring females. Therefore this bird-of-paradise Standard are eaten. Fur coats as well as the elongated form of the hood grows back is black. Dark brown colored eyes Irislah, legs are brownish-grey and the Bill is black with a side of green in the mouth of the sea. The female is brownish-grey with stripes and dark spots. The female has a size smaller than males and have no fur coat or wire decorated ornaments. The deployment is in the area of the jungle mountains of New Guinea.

9. Bird Wilson's Bird of Paradise (Cicinnurus respublica)

Wilson's Bird of Paradise has a size of passable minor s/d 21 cm. Males are colored red and black with a yellow mantle on its neck, light green mouth, blue feet and two purple-colored tail feathers is curved. Semetara is a female Brown with a blue Crown. It is endemic to Indonesia, with the spread on the Hill and lowland rain forest Islands of Waigeo and Batanta islands off of West Papua.

10. Princess Stephanie's Astrapia Bird (Astrapia stephaniae)

Stephanie's Astrapia has a size of about 37 cm, this bird is black with an iridescent blue-green head and a purple, but it has a long tail feathers black keungunan. Both sexes are dark brown-colored bird with a bluish-black head. Its natural habitat is in the mountains of Central and Eastern Papua New Guinea.