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6 How To Teach Parrot To Talk

6 How To Teach Parrot To Talk

6 How To Teach Parrot To Talk-Teach a parrot to talk takes patience. However, an owner will feel the satisfaction after his successful parrots mimic various words.
6 How To Teach Parrot To Talk
6 How To Teach Parrot To Talk
Here's how to train Your pet parrot to talk:

1. start teaching a parrot to talk when he was 4 months or at least 6 months.

Try simple words such as trainer ' Hello ' or ' good morning ' every day. Keep in mind that the ability to learn different parrots, so each one bird may learn faster than others.

2. hold the bird in front of your face when teaching her parrots, so to hear more clearly and can see Your lips move.

3. repeat the words or phrases that would like to be taught. Say the words or phrases clearly and unequivocally. The Parrot will gradually begin to repeat the words that You say.

4. repeat certain words or phrases accompanied You to do something, such as the word ' top ' while you lift up parrots.

It aims to make certain motions of associate capable parrots with certain words.

5. give the wages of his favorite Parrot with food as successfully imitate your words.

6. consider to play a recording of the words to be learnt the parrots at least for 15 minutes.

Do not overcook play the recorded because it is only going to make bored parrots.

6 How To Teach Parrot To Talk

Additional Tips

Don't let the Parrot to hear sounds or words that You don't want her to imitate.

Some experts believe owners should give precedence to parrots to teach a parrot to talk before teaching whistling. Whistling can interfere with the Parrot to learn to mimic the words.